Court name
High Court
Case number
Constitutional Court Case 13 of 2022
15 of 2022

Boloetse v His Majesty The King and Others; Tuke v His Majesty The King and Others (Constitutional Court Case 13 of 2022, 15 of 2022) [2022] LSHC 216 (12 September 2022);

Media neutral citation
[2022] LSHC 216
Headnote and holding:

Constitutional law·- declaration of state of emergency and recall of dissolved Parliament to deal with it · whether citizens have locus standi to litigate on basis of rule of law review - whether failure by Parliament to pass bills before it is dissolved constitutes a public emergency - whether Parliament can be recalled to pass bills it failed to pass before its dissolution - Constitution sections 23, 70 and 84 (2); Interpretation (Amendment) Act, 1993 section 27 A; Parliamentary Powers and Privileges Act, 1994 section 24; National Assembly Standing Order No_ 106; Senate Standing Order No_95

Sakoane CJ
Monapathi J
Ralebese J